For as long as I can remember, I have loved to draw. This passion led me to art school in Cornwall, England, where I learned to become a professional illustrator. To my surprise, I have now been one for more than 30 years.

In 1989, I moved from England to New York to further my education and career. My first course of action was to join the Society of Illustrators. Over the following 16 years I was lucky enough to work with many great publishers and art directors, on many jobs including book jackets, trading cards, and even a couple of movie posters. The Unforgiven poster, one of my favorites, is now a part of the SoI permanent collection.

In 2005, I went back to school to reinvent myself. In the pursuit of my MFA I started to create a new body of work based around NY Bars. Coming from England, I’ve always had a tremendous affection for old taverns and bars. Now I’m as likely to be holding a paintbrush as a pint whenever I’m in one and find it both challenging and rewarding to capture their atmosphere through my work. I aspire to a book (or two) of my bar art and have never felt more enthusiastic about my work.

Since the MFA, I’ve become an adjunct professor at several colleges. I love to teach illustration and hope to inspire my students to pursue what they are passionate about.

I live in Brooklyn with my wife and a couple of cats where I continue to pursue all fields of art and illustration.